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Camino de Compostela Di Santiago

Two years ago I had no idea that had Stomach Cancer .I had always promised myself I would do the Camino , and also visit Cape Finisterra at the Edge of the World.  I told myself that if I got through all the treatment and got back to reasonable fitness I would give it a go. I had planned to go this year and chosen the Portuguese Way starting from Porto , I was advised it was less busy than the French Way . Little did I know that a World Wide Pandemic would strike and but a stop to all my plans . But not to be beaten I decided to do the Walk around my garden , around the local streets and in my factory. So today I start my 28 day Pilgramage  walking 140km or approx 15000 steps per day , with a little luck we can also raise a few bob for Ward 19 . When I do it for real next year I promise to send a postcard to all donors . 

Stay safe through these difficult days , it will pass. 

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