Those that have been patients, or relative know that there is a vast team involved in trying to provide the highest standards of care for patients. Whilst we cannot provide a comprehensive list of the many people that you might meet on your journey, below are some of the people you are most likely to encounter in your care, and some that you might never meet but will be providing expertise to try and ensure the best possible outcome.


Mr Nick Hayes MBBS FRCS
Prof Arul Immanuel MS MD FRCS
Prof Alexander Phillips MD, MA FRCSEd, FFSTEd
Mr Shajahan Wahed MD FRCS

Cancer Nurse Specialist

Claire Sedgwick
Maria Bliss
Claire Taylor


Jillian Macdonald
Janine Mckenna


Dr Philip Atherton
Dr Alex Bradshaw
Dr Fareeda Coxon
Dr Jane Margetts


Dr Matt Scott
Dr George Petrides
Dr Colin Ripley


Dr Babett Disep
Dr Bridget Fergie


Dr Dave Saunders
Dr Conor Gillan
Dr Sarah Metcalfe
Dr Rhona Sinclair

Dr Mark Callaghan
Dr Jane de Pennington
Dr Kate Duffield