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Dumping Syndrome

Found this interesting website

Dumping syndrome

Last Christmas was my first without Stomach but having just gone through the last of my post op chemo ,I didn’t really eat much , this Christmas was a different story , I probably ate a bit more than I normally do. The main effect was that I was got a sudden feeling of tiredness and dizziness, I disappeared half way through the second course , put my head down and fell into the deepest sleep for about 2 hours and missed the Queens Speech. 
Couple of days later I suffered a bout of Dumping , don’t get them that often these days , but you do still try to work out what could have set it off.   Couldn’t be sure so I tried to remind myself of the possible causes , hence finding  the above website .  I now think it could have been the ice cream sweet dessert.   My news years resolution has to be to remember to eat small and often and cut out the complacency.

To be clear the two events I don’t think were related . 









@edcz I'd categorise the shot-with-a-rhino-dart tiredness after too much Christmas dinner as a form of early dumping syndrome.  Seven years after my total gastrectomy, I still get that because I don't always know when to stop eating, especially if it's a meal out.

Late dumping from too much sugar is a rarer issue these days, although occasionally I get caught out by a food that normally I'm ok with.

Edczski has reacted to this post.

I think I prefer the term Rhino Dart Syndrome ...  that’s exactly what it felt like ...  didnt think I had over eaten .. but maybe I had ..  or maybe it was the mix of food ..    still on the positive side .. having a snooze is better than the alternatives.

Like you say ,it’s sometimes getting caught out with overeating or eating the wrong mix that causes the fun and games .  I too get the odd spell of fatigue , that has no logic in when it hits.  

thanks for your help






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